These dog lovers and businesses are “Top Dogs” to us! They have been with us from the early beginnings of the dog park project. We deeply appreciate and thank:

Lil Redhead Studio for creating and donating our website.

Artist Mary Reynolds for creating our signature logo.

Karl Naegler of John Welch Enterprise for creating professional dog park renderings, environmental input and Pet Memorial Rock Garden design and installation.

Colin Diehl and his colleagues at DIEHLUX for professional guidance on environmental site issues.

Deep appreciation for generous contributions from the following businesses and groups: Alouette Tool Company, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, Canandaigua Rotary Club, Canandaigua Veterinary Hospital, City of Canandaigua Centennial Fund, Creative Dimensions Marketing & Design, Diehlux LLC, Frisbees Landscaping, Hope in Art Studio, John Welch Enterprise, Lil Redhead Studio, Postler & Jaeckle, Stick with Mary, Tuscarora Engraving, Weckesser Brick Company and Wegmans Food Markets.

Thanks also to these other exceptional supporters who gave outstanding time and/or treasure to the cause: Nancy McCarthy, Brian McCarthy, Robbie McCarthy, Michael Burke, Colin Diehl, Karl Naegler, Mayor Ellen Polimeni, Dr. Steve Smith, Councilmember Jim Terwilliger, Sue and Patrick Vitek, all Friends of Canandaigua Canine Campus volunteers—especially those serving on the Going to the Dogs Fundraiser Committee and Dog Park Advisory Committee plus… Tim Alimossy, David & Brooke Baker, Dennis Brewer, David Brogan and Lesley Shakespeare Brogan, Jeffrey Ethan & Stephanie Bull, Denise Chaapel, Margaret Cooper, Marty & Cathy Crosby, Drs. John & Kim D’Amore, Byron Delavan, Marci Diehl, Terry Dunn, Luke Faulds, Doug Finch, David Forrest, Dick Gates, Joan Geise, Michael & Claudia Gooch, John Goodwin, Sam Hall, Barbara Hamlin, Julie Harris, Beth Howard, Anne & Laurence Karz, Robert & Myrna Karz, Barb Lipari, Steve Martin, Debbie McWilliams, Brian & Kelly Meath, Ann Molloy, Bob & Maura Moore, Mike Murphy, Jenn Naracong, Alex Payne, Deanna Pereira, Stephani & Todd Reardon, Mary Reynolds, Karen Sorce, Jim Sprague, Guy & Sue Turchetti, Marty Jones Wallace, Kathleen Welch, Peggy Wemett and Dave Whitcomb.

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