Communicating with Dog Owners–An Update

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Welcome to many new friends who have registered their support of a dog park in Canandaigua!

If you have not yet pledged YOUR support, please do it today. Click on the Stand Up & Be Counted box on the right of this homepage and fill out a pledge form. We are NOT asking for money and it takes a MINUTE! I promise …

Update: We are almost through a mailing list of over a thousand dog owners, connecting with them via letter to let them know about the dog park project and asking for support by registering on our website so we can communicate with them. The letter campaign is working! Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who have hand delivered letters, printed letters, donated postage and stuffed and addressed envelopes.

A new volunteer, a high school student, will stuff and address the last 75 dog owner letter to finish this list. We need 75 postage stamps to mail them out. If you can donate stamps, please send me an e-mail ( and I will let you know where to send them or I will pick them up from you.

We are preparing to officially present the dog park project to the City Council, like August 12th but this is NOT confirmed yet. More coming on that and how you can all support this effort in various ways.

Thanks so much!


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