Doggone Great News!

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Hello dog lovers,

It has been quite some time since I have blogged regarding dog park status. I am pleased to report that the city has made an offer on a parcel located at 97 Buffalo Street and has applied for a New York State grant to help fund the purchase and build of a dog park! Yep, four years plus in the making.

That said, it is not “official” yet. What is official is the city’s commitment to build a dog park.

We will need lots of help in many ways from many dog lovers when this moves from concept to project. We have a business plan, a template to move forward, but will need to match tasks with people. Our group will still be very involved in fundraising and in an advisory capacity in terms of amenities, rules, owner education, etc. To receive e-mail updates, contact me at or simply pledge your support on our


Ironically my family just adopted an adult male Newfoundland rescue (“Captain”) THIS WEEK who looks and acts like my beloved deceased Dukie—the dog who inspired me to pursue this idea in the first place. Doggone coincidence…? I think not!

Our group, Friends of Canandaigua Canine Campus, is still growing, even when there has not been much activity lately! Welcome to recent new supporters! Alternately, if you no longer support a dog park in Canandaigua, let me know. Keep in mind that you do not have to currently have a dog to support this community amenity.

Stay tuned for updates! Thank you all for keeping the faith.

All the best,

Nancy McCarthy

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