Paws at a Crossroads

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We are cautiously excited about a land donation offer from a dog-loving couple in Canandaigua who would offer it as gift to the city to build a dog park. It would add a new park for the community and shift away from the frustrating campaign mounted by neighbors who oppose a dog park at Baker Park.

Our hope is that the council leaves Baker Park on the table until all facets and budget items are considered and compared.

This new site is located at the crossroads of Ontario and East Streets, quite accessible from the Ontario Pathways. It is in Ward 2, on the town line, but most of the land is in the city. This undeveloped land is likely to be more costly to build as the city would need to create road access and a parking lot. However, it would add a permanent new park.

One of the reasons we opposed the VA as an option is because of the higher build costs. But also because at the VA we would be leasing federal land and it would not be a permanent dog park home. For the Ontario Street property, the city would own it and manage it. It would be a city park.

What those costs are and the park design sketch should be ready for discussion at the October 7th meeting. Funding options are an important part of this discussion. Our group is willing to help fundraise but we believe the city should shoulder some of the costs. Presuming some taxpayers may scream about that, we likely face yet another hurdle to get this dog park built.

Dog parks can be funded any number of ways. Some are fully funded by municipalities, others are fully funded by private donations. Many are a combination of both. That is what we propose for a dog park in Canandaigua.

Please join us on October 7th to show your support and learn more. Many thanks to the dedicated dog park supporters. I hope we have a happy ending!

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