Please Attend an Important Meeting!

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We will make our recommendations to the City Council soon. Baker Park, as a viable location, will be addressed at that time.
For the past two years, our focus has always been to find an accessible city location for a dog park, a long overdue urban amenity for local dog owners. Up to half of our city residences have a dog. We are taxpayers and we have a voice. Dog parks are no longer built in isolated areas, they have become part of the fabric of city life. The “not in my backyard mentality” is wearing thin. Baker Park, or any other public park, is everyone’s backyard. If someone chooses to live on the perimeter of a park, there are trade-offs. Saying that dog owners are taking public land away from the community is a flawed argument. Should we not build basketball courts because not everyone plays basketball? Shall we tear down playgrounds because not everyone has a child? Not one inch of city space is dedicated to off leash play and dog owner socialization.  Should there be a wide array of amenities and activities in our community? The easy answer: yes.
See you on August 5th, 7PM, Hurley Building, 205 Saltonstall Street.  
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