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I was pleasantly surprised to read the Daily Messenger’s “Our View” editorial this morning–a lovely summation and glowing support of the current iteration of the dog park project! We can use all the positive press we can get, especially with so much misinformation and fear-mongering from the dog park opposition. I would also like to thank Mayor Ellen Polimeni and Councilmembers Jim Terwilliger and David Whitcomb for their staunch support and for championing the dog park as a city initiative that has moved beyond a grass roots effort. I’d like to also clarify my position on the membership model as depicted in the editorial (see link below to access the piece). Many dog parks charge annual membership fees. For instance, Monroe County dog parks use this model. Some Canandaigua taxpayers and even a couple of city councilmembers oppose spending any city money on a dog park. Having the park maintenance covered by membership revenue eliminates that roadblock. We are suggesting a modest fee of $25/year for one dog which is about 7 cents a day! But membership is more than just a revenue stream, it is also a safety mechanism to ensure that dogs in the park are vaccinated and licensed, that owners have read and agree to the park rules and are confident that their dogs would do well in a dog park. Not all dogs do. Some are aggressive, fearful, frail or elderly. Pre-registration gives us a chance to educate dog owners about dog behavior, park etiquette and it provides a way to communicate with users if there are any problems observed or reported. The dog park would have a key pad and users would use an access code to get in and out of the park. The code could be changed if the system is abused. My dogs’ health and safety are my main priority which I why I firmly support a membership dog park for Canandaigua. Please contact me with questions at canandaiguacaninecampus@gmail.com. http://www.mpnnow.com/article/20150419/OPINION/150419738/2011/OPINION

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