Paws Almost to the Finish Line!

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Going to the Dogs animal-themed art exhibit and raffles raised more than $6,600! We are still counting, it will be slightly higher. Thank you all for your support! We have raised a lot of money to date but need $30,000 more to make our goal of $78,000. One program that will help us to the finish line is the CCC Pet Memorial Rock Garden providing a lovely opportunity to make a meaningful dog park donation, honor a beloved pet and help create a beautiful aesthetic amenity for all to enjoy. The garden, the centerpiece of the park’s outdoor lobby, will feature inscribed rocks purchased by donors and large painted stones from the community. To find out more about the garden and request an order form to purchase an inscribed rock and make a donation, contact For information about animal-themed rock painting classes at Hope In Art Studio, contact Lesley Shakespeare-Brogan at For information on how to make a general donation to the dog park, click the “Make a Donation” link on our homepage. Every dollar and donor brings us closer!

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